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Weed Eater Airboats

Weed Eater V1

this is my first craft,
here is the story.
weed eater started life a a large sheet of 1 1/2" thick foamthat was going to be intended for my RC hovercraft bet was way too thick.
i cut the foam into two 30"x16" blocks with a section taken out of one of them near the end.
the foam was then glued to make 3" thick, i used pva glue for that.
dosent stick very well to foam without air betweed the 2 objects.
i then made a crude hotwire tool that i used to roughly cut of the 65* side rake and bow rake. using a hotwire is harder than it looks!




i then wraped the model in aluminum foil to protect it from the pollyester resin and stop it melting.
glassing started with some left over year old resin and it worked and dryed well.
the bottom was glassed first, followed by the sides and then the top.
we ordered a prop from master airscrew, a 3 blade 14x7 pusher.
once this had been recived machining the prop hub began.
a solid bar of 1/2" aluminium went under teh lathe and was turned into a prop hub for the engine.




the engine is an old 25.4cc full-shaft poloun line trimmer motor.
the engine unmodified span the prop very well but did not quite reach peak rpm.
the motor mount was made and the motor fitted.
i bought a giant 1/4 scale servo from ebay and installed the radio gear and rudders.
the prop protection cage was half of an old fan cage.
we were ready for out first run.
this design was a failure due t oway too much power for the crafts size.
no plans will be posted because i can't be botheres photo copying a failed design.



video of weed eater V1

i am shaun, Destroyer of homework!!!